Sunday, August 9, 2009


Well, of the first set of classes.

But it does feel like the end of something significant. I look back over the last six weeks of notes and syllabi and realize I’ve taken in an awful lot in a very short amount of time. It’s been very whirlwind, and my only real frustration is that I haven’t had the time to adequately absorb all of this. My brain’s fried already and I’ve now got Foundations 2 to think about!

I will admit that I’ve changed considerably since I started. In all brutal honesty, I’d let my brain go to mush. I’ve spent so many years working dead-end jobs that I hated, and being surrounded (mostly) by people from whom I got nothing but negative energy (or no energy at all), that I’ve let my brain fall apart – like a muscle you rarely use. It’s kinda obvious, I know, but it’s not something you really think about until you’re in such an entirely different situation in life like I am now.

I get so much more energy from the people I’m in class with, and so much more (mostly) positive energy, that it’s taken me a lot to ‘re-wire’ myself and begin building up those muscles again. The final week of classes is coming up, and I’ve spent a decent part of the weekend studying and making flashcards of all the material (thanks, Val!). I’m gonna take these things with me everywhere: well, on the bus to work, and at work, and, um, at home again.

As I head into Foundations 2, which will be an even more intense class, my main goal will be to finish this re-wiring and really get myself to a point where I can absorb all of this much better than I have been. I’ve been trying to let go of some bad habits and establish a better routine for myself, which is pretty hard after all these years. But this is most certainly well worth it.

One final note: I bought myself a camera and took a picture of my test the other night… a potato leek soup.

We were supposed to make two different soups, and my other one was a shrimp bisque. I was almost done with it when time ran out and I had to ditch it. We also were told to tourné five potatoes, and as I placed them down on the table and walked away I swear I head Chef say “These are the worst tournés I’ve ever seen in my life!”


So anyway, it’s back to flashcard-making. I’ll take a break for a little Iron Chef America action, of course. Then we’ll see how this final week goes…


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